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Part 135 Regulations

Check out my guide to flying under Part 135. It covers topics such as Part 135 pilot experience requirements, Part 135 pilot flight time limitations, Part 135 sic requirements, Part 135 single pilot operations, Part 135 checkrides, and more!

Latest Posts

How to Start a Part 135 Operation in 2018

The certification process is accomplished by completing a series of events and phases. You must demonstrate to the FAA that you can meet all certification and operational requirements. There are 5 official FAA phases that you must complete, but this list will be a lot more expansive.

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What are Part 135 Pilot In Command Requirements?

Part 135 pilot in command regulations are a little convoluted, but not that difficult to decipher. Half of the battle is knowing where to look in the Code of Federal Regulations, or CFR. 14 CFR 135.243 has the information that we need. 135.243 Pilot in command...

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