I went to bed about 1 A.M. I woke up around 5 A.M. and couldn’t fall back to sleep. By nature, I am a light sleeper, so hotels usually don’t agree with my sleeping habits. This was different, though. My room was somewhat secluded, and the maid didn’t bang on my door to wake me up. Not sure what the deal was.

I thought about renting a car and driving to D.C. to do some sight seeing, but the traffic looked horrible, since it is Friday. I decided to go tomorrow, instead. I checked out of my hotel, took an Uber to the ProJet Aviation to check on the airplane. When crewing a new airplane, you never know what condition it will be in. When I arrived, there was a big sign in the window saying that the aircraft is still under maintenance. The general condition of the interior was nice. The previous crew cleaned and stocked it pretty well. The FBO had Hertz on site, so I grabbed a car and took off.

I went to the store to pick up some supplies: A new razor, more deodorant, and a new toothbrush. Normally, I would pick up stock for the airplane on this type of run, but as I said, the previous crew already stocked it up pretty well. I had lunch and enrolled in Marrriott’s quarterly Megabonus. Over the years, these bonuses have gotten worse. Here are the details of this one:

As you can see, it isn’t very impressive. While my airplane is down for maintenance indefinitely, I decided to make the best use of my time by maximizing this Marriott Mega Bonus. Since this one is based on the number of stays, with a kicker for staying at different brands, I will hop from hotel to hotel daily. Since I already stayed at the Springhill Suites property, I will now book a Marriott, Fairfield, Courtyard, and possibly a Residence Inn. The only issue with the Residence Inn is that you only get half the points, so I might skip that and find something else. I booked the Washington Dulles Airport Marriott for tonight and drove there.

For some reason, the room was insanely cheap. $104. I have paid $250 for this same room in the past. It is an older property, but the front desk told me all of the rooms were renovated this year. The bed here is great. It is one of the most comfortable I have had in a while. The hotel bar and restaurant isn’t bad, either. Another way to maximize points is to charge your meals to your room.

Maintenance said they should have the airplane fixed tonight. Hopefully, this will allow charter sales to sell us on a trip. There is nothing worse that spending an entire rotation in a hotel without flying.


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