The phone is ringing. I can’t find my glasses and I am still in a stupor from being woken up unexpectedly. I answer the phone, and it is crew scheduling wondering when I am going to arrive at KEGE. I already sent the email, but I guess they didn’t get it. Oh, yeah, I remember now. I am in the Fairfield Inn Washington Dulles. Once I get my wits about me, I decided to take a shower and head to the airport. I rented a car from KJYO, and they were expecting it there, but I showed up at Dulles instead. This caused some problems with Hertz, and I didn’t have time to deal with it, so I just handed them the keys and left.

I like the layout of Dulles. There is one central terminal and you take a train to the concourse you need to be in. This made locating the KCM checkpoint a breeze.


Airline travel. By far the most uncomfortable and annoying aspects of my job, yet I get the pleasure of doing it multiple times per month. Luckily, on flights over 3 hours, my company allows us to buy an upgraded seat. AA nickels and dimes you, as they block off about 40 seats and designate them as premium. Most of these seats are anything but premium. I got my preferred aisle seat and watched The Cure For Wellness. It was an odd movie, but entertaining, and it lasted the entire length of the flight.

I had a 3 hour layover in DFW, so I had some lunch and surfed the internet for a while. I then boarded what I think is one of the oldest aircraft in the American fleet. It was an old 757, with the old livery, tube TVs, and old school leather in the first class seating area. As I was boarding, the young flight attendants were saying that they had to use VHS tapes to load the passenger briefing video.

I had two loudmouths behind be talking about gluten sensitivity, Monsanto, and a bunch of other crap that I didn’t want to hear. I put my earbuds in and took a nap. The area surrounding KEGE is beautiful. There’s a nice stream that runs between the runway and I-70, and of course, all of the mountain scenery.

Hertz upgraded me to a Mustang convertible, which I didn’t really want, and it had a flat tire. I ended up with the Nissan Sentra that I originally reserved. I stopped by the FBO to check out the airplane. It has been painted since the last time I flew it and it looks great.

I decided to trek to Glenwood Springs and stay at the Residence Inn. Not a bad little spot. Great view from my room.

That’s it for the night. We aren’t scheduled for anything to tomorrow, but I hope we get sold on a trip so I can actually fly.